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Re: I'm confused about credit card debt.

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Posted by kelly from nevada ( on November 08, 2002 at 23:27:59:

In Reply to: I'm confused about credit card debt. posted by Quarlo on November 08, 2002 at 22:38:42:

well being poor helps but who in their right mind wants to be poor with creditors on you butt , heck that sucks actually .. well dunno exactly what to tell ya but if ANYONE has assets & dosent pay their bills in my opinion THEY SHOULD BE SUED cause EVERYONE should ALWAYS pay their bills if they can becouse yeah we can make it scrapping thru life without credit BUT its tough as hell not to have good credit .. all i can tell ya is a bit of my story .. i ALWAYS had great solid credit with near an 800 credit score until almost 5 yrs ago when i was hit & BADLY injured by an uninsured driver that sent me to the hospital for weeks & than once home months more recooping in bed , im fine know but 4 + yrs ago i wasnt .. well i had & have about 7 - 8 credit cards that all worked with me except but 1 card i owed a high of near or less 11000. & with that i had about a 6 % interest life of loan kinda rate on the card but EVEN before the accident i was only sending maybe 50 per mth OVER the min. payment .. well long story short i had lost my job because of the accident & i couldnt work but naturally i had to eat & survive so that came 1st before paying credit cards bills , well you get the picture near 6 % interest went to like almost 30 % than late fees & all than it was over for me & that pushed me over the financial cliff .. answer to your question , if you have really nothing the creditors "sometimes" will not sue becouse i mean why , i'd never be able to pay them back & IF they sued me id have NO CHOICE but to file BK .. of course every situation is different but "im dieing inside" becouse of that chargeoff on my credit report for ANOTHER 3 more years so & its tough , i mean yeah my credit only has that 1 HUGE blemish on it & my scores now near 700 but still im not proud of it but lifes not always fair & no sense of me moaning about it .. in my opinion when people have the money they absolutely should pay their creditors because theres NO EXCUSE in my opinion if they dont but sometimes bad things do happen to good people & when collectors treat the people their trying to collect from the way 90 % of them do , well than i have ZERO respect for them & by you reading this forum you see how most collectors treat people.. if the banks feel they can recover THEIR money before a states SOL has passed than hell yeah the bank should sue without a doubt but once its past that states SOL than go away becouse its not right for them to sell the debts to SCAM collectors that have no respect for the law by going after past SOL accounts , matter of fact its illegal .. cant speak for anyone but myself but i hate being in this position & my guess is everyone here hates it also so learn & IF YOU CAN AT ALL save your credit before it becomes tarnished well id do it cause its a nightmare but again just my opinion , kelly ..........

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