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Posted by joanne ( on November 10, 2002 at 18:15:04:

OK, heres the story, Ill try to be short,, On sept 23,2002 I checked my acct online w/providian to send payment,, low and behold I am way over my limit of US 560, everyday for five days in a row, I was charged 78.16 for a taxi, total 380,,, I immediately called providian and said the truth, I used the taxi once, and its not the taxi cab company ripping me off, as the charge is abroad, and theres a daily exchange rate, so If the taxi was inputting this charge daily, the amount would change daily by a few cents, or a dollar max,,,, the error is from your merchant processor, I told her I had the original copy of the credit card charge carbon,, I faxed it to them,, everything I said about the exchange rate went over the girls head,,,,, she immediately said,,,,, OH this must go to the fraud dept, since its overseas it takes 30 days,, we are gonna cancel your acct, issue another card and new acct number,,,,
well on Oct 3,2002, I didnt get a new card, just a statement with a new acct number saying that my balance was 877, way over the limit, $35 o/limit fee, $35 late fee,,,,,, I immediately called back, and point blank said,,, I was not late on the old acct, on sept 23, you people said, the accts closed, but make your mini payment on the old number, we cant give you a new number in this minute,,,, I made the mini payment to the old acct,,,,,,,,, well she says, OK OK, I see the mini on the old acct, we will remove that fee but you are over the limit, pls pay the difference now of 400 dollars,,,, I SAID, IM over the limit because of the charges from the taxi that arent right,,,, she puts me on hold to call the fraud dept, then comes back and says its till under investigation, we wont be issued a new card till the accts not overlimit,,,,,, I said,,,,,,, arent you people like all other credit cards, you remove the disputed charges investigate, if accurate then put them back on? I mean Im paying interest O/limit fees and late fees, on charges that arent MINE,,,,,, she says, just keep paying the mini till the investigation is finished, your mini is 400 dollars,,,,,,,
well three day later on OCT 6, when I went on line message your acct is transered to emerge as of oct 14th, and this was on OCT 6,,,, I couldnt see any acct info! same with the phone,,,, Next thing, I get TWO mastercards from emerge, same acct number,,,,, NO statement info,,,,,,,,
well as of today, still no acct statement, payment date, nothing,,,, but I pulled my report on experian,,, MASSIVE 39 point lose,,,,, Providian reporting balance 939,,,,, and two new Emerge tradelines two different acct numbers, both with balances of 939,, so thats three accts over the limit of 560,,,,,,, so its clear Providian just sold the acct to emerge with the 390 dispute included,,,,,, I called Providian,,,,,, their answer,,,,,, "we dont service that acct anymore, we cant help you,,, soon your report will show closed by creditor with zero balance",,,,,,,,,,,,, I called emerge,,,,, waited 25 minutes on hold,, some guy with a heavy Indian accent, said" No you have one acct, you must be reading your report wrong, I said, my eyes work,, then he said, this is balance 939, pay immed 400, we cant help with fraud dispute from providian,,, this is what you owe us,,,,, pay now,,
so what do I do? what am I stuck paying 400 dollars for charges I never made, plus all the fees?

thanks.. sorry so long,,,,,,,

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