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Posted by joanne ( on November 10, 2002 at 22:06:09:

In Reply to: Re: WHY CHAT OTHERS ADVICE ON PROV/EMERGE posted by Why Chat on November 10, 2002 at 20:32:58:

I called on Sept 23, to dispute the daily taxi charges, Prov closed the acct, didnt remove the charges pending investigation,issued a new acct and just transfered/sold the acct to emerge including the disputed amount. Never got a statement from Prov end of Oct, end of sept I paid the mini to Prov like they told me to do,
Got the two cards 1 acct from emerge, nothing, I see two new tradlines, with the balance of my ex report,,,,,,
No nothing in writing, just talked tonite, and I realize Im screwed,,,, Providian knew on Sept 23 the acct was going to Emerge and chose to do nothing, just transfer the balance to Emerge, I must pay emerge because the bottom line is if I dont, theyll close the acct and cont to tack on late fees/ Over the limit fees,, Beleive me Im not giving in, I have to pay at least 390 in charges I didnt make,,,,, the taxi com is down the street, Ill pay a visit to them tommorrow,,,,,,,,,,, and I love the dupilicate two tradelines from emerge on my report,, both same amount and Over the limit,,,,,, If I start in with ATG and FTC, and reg letters to prov and emerge,, what if I pay like 100 to emerge? just cont o/limit fees? I dont want 30 days late as now all three lines have never late/paying as agreed,,,,, NO I wont give up,, I will rrr providian and ask them, WHY did you give me a new acct number Sept 23? Because I disputed 390 in over charges, they decided it wsa best to cancel/new number incase the taxi company kept it up,,,,,,

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