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Medical CA violating post-dispute

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Posted by glitter_girl ( on November 02, 2003 at 17:08:01:

I have a ton of medical bills from 1999 - 2002 - all got sent to the same local CA.

I disputed a paid and an unpaid collection from a medical bill - the paid one came off and unpaid one remained. A few days later two new listings showed up on a different CRA - one paid one unpaid. So I request validation. Now one week later I have 9 (thats right I said NINE!!!!!!!) new TLs - some paid, some unpaid all from same CA, and same HC Provider. I have NOT received my validation.

What do I do???

I didn't send it CMRRR since I had been dealing with the CA for a few years and didn't think they would do this! I just wanted the validation to see what had been paid and what hadn't so I could do a HIPPA to the hospital - now my score (FAKO) has dropped 15 points and I have all these collection accounts on there. I still want to do HIPPA but since I didn't send the validation CMRRR I can't prove they violated - this time - by adding new TLs after dispute, none of these are listed as disputed.

DO I send another validation request CMRRR and include a copy of the original one with a copy of this report saying I know you have violated once and this is your last chance????

Ugh I am so mad I want to walk in to their office tommorow and throw this on their desk and say WTF????????????

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