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Can CRA Extend Length of Time Item Remains on Record???

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Posted by Claudia ( on November 02, 2003 at 19:03:54:

Please, tell me if this is weird/legal:

I have a July 2001 Experian credit report that shows a Universal/AT&T MC dated for Oct. 2001 drop off…

{My original date of delinquency to Universal/AT&T MC, was March 1993, but I made my very last payment to collections Feb. 1994. Based on that, October 2001 as the date for this item to drop off is acceptable.}

On Experian CR dated Nov. 2001, this same item shows a new date of Oct. 2009 as the end date for reporting.

{Coincidentally, ONLY Experian reports this account at all.}

How is that possible? Is it legal, and if so, how is it legal?

I would really appreciate feedback, since CAMCO is attempting to collect on this now. I wouldn't have looked thru these papers if they weren't attempting to collect on this…

I admit I should have followed up back in 2001...better late than never?? The fact that this item is part of the "accounts in good standing" section is probably why I let it be. And the status reflects "transferred" and "purchased by another lender". Additional confirmation, from my perspective, that it’s too old to be collectable.

I know that I am well outside the 7-year rule, so I’m not really freaked out. Just confused…

Anyone have any input on this?? Thank YOU!!!

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