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more Capital One nightmares

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Posted by seonaidh ( on November 03, 2003 at 21:12:14:

My husband had a Captial One card with a $300 limit. He owed $46.30.

We live in Oregon, and this happened about a year ago. About 4-6 months ago they charged the card off at $300, and today he got a call from someone saying that we owe $400. The caller demanded for the name of my husband's lawyer, demanded that he relinquish the name of his lawyer within 72 hours, threatened to take away his car (which is not paid off, ie. no title), take him to small claims court and to have his wages garnished. My husband claims 'head of household' on his taxes.

We're wondering just how real these threats are, how scared we should be, should we stop answering the phone, do we have ANY power in this situation at all???

I've read through the previous posts, but I'm not sure what applies to our situation and what doesn't. Any information or advice would be incredibly appreciated!!

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