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Re: Florida Kangaroo Court

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Posted by Keyser Soze ( on November 05, 2003 at 18:32:24:

In Reply to: Florida Kangaroo Court posted by Disgusted on November 03, 2003 at 13:36:26:

Dear Disgusted;

Sorry to hear of your visit with Judge Cracker. The Florida Killing Fields are an experiment performed cleverly under the guise of 'helping all to resolve debt' by means of mediator-stooges and judges who are ignorant of the law, incompetent, complicit, or a combination of the three.
This case has "Deficiency" written all over it. As pointed out to you the so-called validation is a piece of sxxx. It's a violation of FTC rules which clearly spell out just what constitues legal validation. Call the FTC tomorrow and file a claim by phone, send all your paperwork including all poop-sheets from the other side to them. Get either transcript or tape of the Small Shams Court session so federal officials can appreciate the legal talents of Judge Cracker.
FL Small Claims Court is a continuous and ongoing violation of the right to due process. Having experienced this personally and read so many other charming accounts am convinced the FL Experiment is deliberate. If successful as with any virus will spread to rest of the country.
Judge Cracker, Mr. Medi-bator Stooge and Collection Laywer are the Unholy Trinity in this Inquisition. Go where the enemy cannot - federal.
The evidence is Deficient. The "Validation" violates FTC rules. It lacks an affidavit - Deficient. The "Contract" -and this is a collector scumbag's fave trick - is just some nth generation copy, probably illegible, inadmissible. And where is your signature upon this rag? Oh, right, it's not there - Deficient.
Their approach is simple, rotten, illegal. Blindside Defendants. When Mobsters pull this stunt it is termed extortion. It is the same, just thugs different from Mobsters in that this scurvy lot smells of rancid tuna and regardless of their manner of dress still look dumpy.
Make sure the 'service at wrong address' ploy is reported to FTC as well. Send copies to FL Div Banking Investigative Div.
These pukes get away with this because of lack of oversight. By filing you are ensuring oversight. Many times in manner of avaricious cowards they back off when under scrutiny.
Tell your physician about the severe distress this has caused you. The TILA federal SOL is four years, five is just a lie that FL greedyguts use to dishonest advantage.
These lice pulled this on me a while ago. It wasn't so much the illegality of conduct as it was their callous dismissal of my rights and the Law for goodness' sake that gained them in me a friend for life. Nail these pukes by all legal means at your disposal. Good for you for standing up to Judge Cracker, just a dog track crony of the collection scumbags.
When they stand brazenly it is so they may better recieve the legal consequences of their behavior.

Get them,

Keyser Soze

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