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Citibank Collector threatening to sue

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Posted by PegLeg ( on November 05, 2003 at 22:02:49:

I have a debt with an ATT Universal Card, now citibank. I have had the card for several years (10)and at this time, have a debt of a little over $5000 on it. I made payment arrangements with them and they started doing a monthly debit. That was no problem but apparently, they only did this for three months. (we may have agreed to that, franklly I don't remember). I forgot to pay my bill for about two months following that (I travel alot) and when I went to pay it online, my account was not availible. About that time I got a call from a collector saying that I had defaulted and they wanted the full amount from me. I told them that I would be happy to set up a payment plan but they refused and said that I would be sued. I told them sorry and refused to sit on the phone while they harrased me.

I then sent in a check directly to Universal Card for $500. They cashed it right away. I got another call from the collection agency and about the same thing happened again. I said I would be happy to pay with a set monthly payment but could not pay it all at once. Again, they said they would sue me. They also said that they had sent a letter that day that would give me seven days to pay or be sued. I told them to please contact me in writing and that I would respond in writing and they said....you will be sued if you don't pay within the seven days.

I am just looking for advice on how to handle this. I am willing to pay this but don't have the money to pay all at once.

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