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Correct order of disputing procedures.

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Posted by TAK ( on November 08, 2003 at 02:03:30:

Let me start by saying this is the best and most informative site I have EVER seen. Thanks to all you professionals who donate your time to help us lost hopefuls.

I am trying to get a house and am just a few points from getting financed. I have some things on my CRA report that I cannot recall. I have sent validation letters out (via certified), but I am now concerned that I did this in the correct order, or that I made a horrible mistake. I have also sent Why Chat's HIPPA letter to HC companies for paid collection accounts (hopefully this will boost my score). Exactly what order should I be sending letters? What is the quickest way to get this stuff cleaned up? If the CA was able to validate the debt, what then? If they do NOT validate within 30 days, what then? What do I send to the CRA's? Should I ask the CRA to verify, then request validation from the CA, or vice versa?

Also, this is a big OUCH question. I filed Chapter 7 in 1999. My house was foreclosed in 2000 at the time of my divorce (hey, it happens). We had a 2nd mtg on the house that we did not sign reaffirmation papers for during the BK. I'm sure that they did not get enough on the foreclosure sale of the house to pay off the 1st mtg plus the 125% 2nd. The 2nd was with First Plus Financial, who NEVER has reported anything on my CR. I am curious what could have happened to this 2nd. I am afraid that, as soon as I get a new house, they will come out of the woodwork and put a lien on my house. Also, how do we get so lucky that, if a bank FC's on a house, they don't come after us for the deficit if they are unable to get the full amount owed, like they would on a car? Or can they and I am just lucky that they haven't come after me yet?
Is it possible to find out what happened with the 2nd without opening a "can of worms", so to speak?

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