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FDIC Regs Says,,,,,,,,

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Posted by Sarah ( on November 09, 2003 at 06:16:09:

I read the FDIC Regulations for Charge-offs. It says,
Actual credit losses should be recorded when a creditor becomes aware of a loss (180 days) "but in no case should the charge-off exceeds the time from in this policy."

Here's what happened in 1996. (I never seen my CR to verify if the Charge-Off existed and it's too late now to get that years CR)
I made a payment in January, the OC deposited it on January 21. I then made another payment, which was deposited to the OC's account on July 30th. There is a 9 days difference between payments (189 days). Based on FDIC's policy should my account been charged-off?
The OC sold my account to the CA on December 15, 1996.
The CA is now taken action toward me.
Could this be because it's less then 180 days from my last payment on July 30th? If so, could there be more than a one time 180 day charge-off? Why would the OC accept my payment after the first 180+ days?
What can I use as a defense

Before you ask, my state's statute of limitation is 6 years.

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