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CA took all of my GrandPops Money

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Posted by JohnBoyJr. ( on November 09, 2003 at 09:26:33:

My grandpop called me about 2 months ago to come down and see what happened to his money, I said ok, I'll be there in 2 months. I live in NY, lost my job and wanted to live out my lease before I go to live with my grandpop in TN. When I got there last week, my grandpop showed me his bank account where 8,790.00 was taken out by court order, it was dated June 2003 I asked my grandpop did he get a letter or notice about a charge card being late. He showed me some letters and what I read was that the CA sent him a summons which grandpops never sent back. I got a CR on him and there was a default judgment for the 8K and it was dated March 1999. The Bank gave the 8K to the Court who eventually gave it to the CA.
I'm now looking thru old papers for anything that can help in getting my granpops money back. Can anyone tell me what I need to look for before I get an attorney? I can't get a CR because it's after the 7 years. The CA did say this was a credit card that defaulted 1992.
I want to help him, he's 68 years old and I think the CA took advantage of him, This money was his life savings. He live alone. I remember last year a neighbor would pay his bills for him, but she moved and my grandpop had to fend for himself.
Before I get an attorney, is it too late since the judgment is 4 years old and the money was released to the CA. I read somewhere that the satatute of Lim. is (6 years)which is a good defense, but how can I find out about this if I don't have records to prove it.
Is this a lost cause without it? Could there be someway to get this money back. I'm beginning to feel his pain. Please help us.

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