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Re: Keyser Soze, LadynRed, interrogatories help!

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Posted by Keyser Soze ( on November 10, 2003 at 20:23:24:

In Reply to: Keyser Soze, LadynRed, interrogatories help! posted by GF of CA on November 09, 2003 at 14:35:06:


You are doing fine. Bear in mind these bums may get their judgement as the debt is within SOL, but you don't have to help them. It wouldn't be the first time a scumbag in-lieu lawyer dropped an in-SOL suit because it was answered.
Check the courthouse law library for local rules for answering. With Interogatories you can plead lack of knowledge, though to items not in dispute such as whether or not you applied for the card you can admit or deny. But Lack of Knowledge is fine, hey this is their wedding let them make the cake.
With Admissions usually - check local rules - you must either Admit or Deny. But look, if pro se you're not considered 'expert', you can probably say Lack Knowledge, Info Unavailable.
You must file answers with the court by the appointed date, check with the clerk. Make sure your copies are time stamped by the court when filed. Not filing gets these cockroaches a Default Judgement.
Do you owe them, they ask? Again, Lack Knowledge. Let them prove it. Do you admit you've no defense? Again, Lack Knowledge. They file these poop sheets in hope you'll trip up and make a damaging admission. Pay careful attention to the wording of all questions. Many will be redundant, asked in slightly different manner. They hope to fool you into proving their case.
By carefully reading and answering questions and filing on time you force them to work, make them spend time and money proving their assertions. They don't like this because they are criminals who like making money with no effort or expense.
Use their criminal traits against them. They try to trick you into damaging admissions? You can file interogatories on them. Word your questions carefully, perhaps they'll get sloppy and provide documents contrary to FTC rules, maybe they'll get caught in a lie. The more you resist the more likely are they to go away.

Best as always,

Keyser Soze

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