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QUESTION, need advice

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Posted by RMA threats ( on November 12, 2003 at 18:22:54:

I owed money on a citi bank charge I believe it was over 4 years ago I'm not exactly sure it might be more.I live in the state of Ohio. Citi Bank sent the acct. to a CA. They had the acct for years nothing really happened. I refinanced my house and the bank said I had to pay these outstanding debts. They (THE BANK) took the money I got from the loan and sent it directly to the ca, I thought this was over. I haven't heard anything for over a year and a half. My credit has improved a great deal. Now I get this call from RMA and the guy wants me to give him my check # over the phone, I told him I felt this debt was satisfied. He told me it wasn't and I need to pay him right now or he was going to start the paperwork. The bank sent the collection CA money how they determined how much I don't know I never heard from that CA again. They sent 5000 on a 19000 debt. Now this RMA (CA) is calling my parents house where I haven't lived in over 13 years, I used a cell phone to call RMA back when I first got the mess. the cell phone belongs to my father they must of got it off of caller ID now they keep calling the cell phone even after I told them it doesn't belong to me, I gave them my home#, they left legal threats on voice mail I finally told the one guy that if your telling me to get a atty. then there is no need for us to talk, now someone else is calling me from their office. What should I do?

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