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not sure what to do/expect

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Posted by julie ( on November 13, 2003 at 14:01:34:

I owe a 16,000 credit card debt to Bank one. I have no empoyment at this time, have owned a house for 1year. I was told by MRS associates, they would settle for 8,454.00. I couldn't borrow the money and told them so. They then said they would settle for 6,000. Like that makes a difference, cause i don't have that either. I can only make some small payments towards the bill and told them so. My ex is a card holder on that acc't. My ex said they can't come after him, but MRS said they could. My house is under my name and my fiances name-can they put a lien on my house being that the house is co-owned by someone who isn't associated with the debt? same for our jeep-its in both our names.
They called me again today and said I needed to call them so they can decide how to pursue. So, what do I tell them? They said they would tlak to a family memeber(my parents)for me to try and get aloan from them. My parents have no business with this.
The checking acc't is joint-my name and then my fiances name. Should we close the acc't and set up a new one with his name first just in case?
Also, over the phone, the woman I spoke to gave me detailed info on my fiances credit report and my ex's-is this legal that they gave me personal/private info on other people?
Being that I have no job, I worry if it goes to court I would go to jail. My fiance would help me make payments on this debt...would they consider that? He just got anew job, so we can finally get some debts caught up...unfortunately before the new job this one got charged off:(

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