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WhyChat note- read slower-possibly short on patience!

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Posted by CAK ( on November 13, 2003 at 22:20:13:

In Reply to: Re: BK- Note to "CAK"- read more-post less posted by Why Chat on November 13, 2003 at 21:33:38:

Why Chat,

Sorry I stepped on your toes! However, I was trying to clarify wheather he meant dismissed or discharged in same year. I am however well versed in Bankruptcy. You can also dispute individual accounts within the Bankruptcy and you are likely to get a deletion. I believe you should read the posts more closely, as I've seen answers that looked like you never even read the post. Please pay closer attention to the posts and what the individual is really asking. Sometimes it sounds like you own this website. Do you? Sometimes it sounds like you are burnt out on giving advice and you are short on patience in your answers. I realize the same questions are asked over and over here, just don't let your lack of patience show up in your advice. I believe this would be sound advice for you, "Read slower so as to really understand what it is the individual is asking and then answer". You give a lot of super advice, right on the money, just slow down, no one is trying to steal your thunder, as you have made it abundantly clear that no one knows as much as you.

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