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Re: Virginia Warrant In Debt

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Posted by LadynRed ( on March 07, 2004 at 09:40:20:

In Reply to: Virginia Warrant In Debt posted by Asset Sux on March 07, 2004 at 08:49:27:

FDCPA is NOT your best defense when it comes to the deliberate re-aging of an account !!! If the date on the ORGINAL PROVIDIAN trade-line HAS been changed, then that is a violation of the FCRA - illegal re-aging - and you can counter-sue for that. FCRA violations come with far heavier fines than the FDCPA. $1000 PER VIOLATION plus damages. For each month the inaccurate and illegally re-aged tradeline is on your reports, it counts as 1 violation - so ASSet could already owe YOU far more in fines and damages than the debt is worth !

If you have proof of this deliberate re-aging, you need to present that not as an FDCPA violation, but as an FCRA violation and have copies of the FCRA section that deals with it.

You want them off your back - ASSet does this to people every day and they get away with it in most cases because people don't fight them and sue their asses off.

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