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Re: who is lhr inc?

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Posted by Paul ( on April 25, 2004 at 00:30:45:

In Reply to: who is lhr inc? posted by dwisey on April 24, 2004 at 22:15:34:

LHR, Inc. is a small 2 cents on the dollar debt scavenging outfit operating out of Hamburg, NY. Their website shows their principals as two collectors who decided to go "out on their own" and build their own business. Their business is buying trash accounts for 2 cents on the dollar and extorting the full amount from people. Good old American Enterprise. They are alreading beginning to make a name for themselves on Ripoffreport.com for re-aging accounts and serving people with summonses without actually filing a lawsuit. They have to contract with a local lawyer where you are at to sue you. They appear to be garbage, garbage collectors. That means they sift through the first trash collector's trash before they get the accounts. It conjures an image of a dung beetle dung eating, dung beetle. These 2 cents on the dollar garbage accounts bounce from one bottom feeder to another with little documentation provided. The likelihood of their having the necessary documentation from the original creditor to prove any case in court would be slim if you challenge them. Also, check out the SOL for your state.


(search on LHR)


(LHR is currently hiring "Collection Professionals." "No experience Necessary")

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