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Posted by catballou ( on April 26, 2004 at 17:15:27:

i see we have another troll hangin and giving bad advice. the email shows they r a refinance person. maybe they r truly wanting to help, but are giving some horrific advice, so let me say this.
first..do not mail personal info to anyone here, but the regulars who are trustworthy. no one will ask for personal info, even if your invited to email someone..i invite mail all the time and post my email freely, but it has no identifying info on it at all and i will never ask for personal info nor give mine out.
any advice here is just that..advice. not legal..not meaning to be followed to the letter or else..but simply helping to educate others on the law and their rights. take all you can find and weigh it carefully. look up every link. get informed..educated all you can. take everything said and decide on your own..your own personal situation, what is best for you. be VERY cautious with anything legal unless you consult a lawyer in your area..for your own state.
most MOST of us here will answer and tell you anything we have learned and it will be for your best interest. some, like elsewhere on the net, will not. one has popped up so i felt i needed to say this. anyone can disagree or add anything they want to this post. but i would feel awful should a newbie come along and believe right off the bat something someone posted. esp when it is obviously something that will hurt them. there is people who will send their BK papers to a total stranger, expecting help. online is always a place to be extremely cautious.
be careful, ask all the questions you want...soak up all the help you can,,and help others when you can. hugsss to everyone...new and old , alike..im in the middle..not new here anymore but far from knowing much. and we all will win over this credit crap!!!!

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