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Car Finance Co that DOESNT report to credit bureau?

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Posted by C.M.T. ( on April 26, 2004 at 20:40:17:

Hey guys! I have bad credit (2 charge offs from Providian totaling 13,000, a few collection accounts from cell phone companies.)Anyway, my old car with 190,000 miles died on me, a pretty cool company called RoadLoans financed me for a used car at at high interest rate of course. My loan is for five years. I had no choice as I need a reliable car for work. Anyway, I had no choice but to give them my physical address(not my standard PO Box) as well as work information and all that. They ASSURED me that they DO NOT report my credit information to the bureaus. I was worried that the collection agencies who bought the Providian accounts would get this info and start calling me at work. I have 1 more year until the statute of limitations runs out. This company specializes in financing for higher risk clients, and it seems that they knew what they were talking about. Does this make sense that this company would not report? I am scared to see my credit reports because I know that the bloodsuckers at UNIFUND will be after me and ill have no choice but to declare bankruptcy. And yes, I have opted out.

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