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Is this RE-AGING by Asset Acceptance?

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Posted by Rich ( on April 27, 2004 at 01:54:51:

I have a couple old cc debts that are now owned by Ass Acceptance. On my credit report, the original credit card accounts are listed with their correct date of last activity. These same accounts are also reflected in their asset acceptance collection status. The difference is, the ORIGINAL creditor properly lists the DOLA, but Asset Acceptance lists the same date as the DATE ACCOUNT WAS OPENED with Asset Acceptance. So, the DOLA is proper with the creditor and it is basically the date that Asset Acceptance RECEIVED the account...........is it appropriate for Asset Acceptance to list this as the date the account was opened with them, or must they report the date of the original creditor? Is this the classic RE-AGE or am I confused.

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