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whychat, just a thought to disagree a bit :)

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Posted by catballou ( on April 27, 2004 at 20:53:31:

In Reply to: Re: Whats the prime reason for your financial catasrophe? posted by Why Chat on April 27, 2004 at 14:54:08:

true..to a point. our house is worth a whopping 30,000 on a good day. we have 1 vehicle. we have never had the income to live with much..a wal mart tv..old furniture...1100 sq ft house. with kids...illness after that...im not sure we ever could have prepared. i have thought on this..seriously..many times.
heck, we dont even take vacations or have nice clothes!! out to eat for special things is buffet at golden corral! lol.. so...its partly true..and partly not.
just some ideas i wanted to throw out there :)..since we never had education or a large income to begin with...i think we have been blessed to have what we have, and to stay ahead just enuff to actually afford to eat and pay the utilities!
so,,,,while the majority may drive a fancy car and enjoy a nice house..all of us dont :)..illness can eat up savings unbelievable..to keep your kids eating can also..job loss, well , my son in laws 401k was gone in 6 months and we cant touch ours for any reason till we r 65. so, while its a great idea to have 10,000 or more in savings,,,sometimes that is eaten up in a blink of a eye.
and yes, we have medical insurance..retirement..but we had to buy my granmas medicines till she died..my moms when i caught her not taking her heart meds..because she didnt have enuff money for it..(lived in public housing because my dads cancer took all their money, even having blue cross)..
its just complicated and hard, hon. my pals great aunt needed brain surgery last month. the medevac alone was 10,000$ one way. bc/bs will not pay it. this lady is 81 and someone just quit their job to tend to her 24/7. i just see no way to prepare for this. rest home? she makes 30$ to much to qualify for medicaid, as did my mom. rest homes are 2500$ a month here. what on earth do people do? like we have, you help your family and do your best.
but. can one always prepare? i dont think so. not 100%. not always. i think you have been blessed, to not run into this in your life. i hope you never do. perhaps i read you wrong..but i wont take full blame for where i am now. i would do the same over again, if it meant my mom could still take her medicine..or my granma could eat something besides mac and cheese. :)
just another view, hon, not arguin..i dont think there is enuff savings in the world anymore for catastrophic illnesses, or old age, or babies born with disabilities.

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