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Re: whychat, just a thought to disagree a bit :)

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Posted by Why Chat ( on April 27, 2004 at 23:58:31:

In Reply to: whychat, just a thought to disagree a bit :) posted by catballou on April 27, 2004 at 20:53:31:

I am not assessing "blame" just pointing out that SOME people with CREDIT & DEBT problems made some wrong choices. We ALL have a pile of "shoulda's " behind us.

Yes I am fortunate, not because I grew up rich and without problems, just the opposite, I grew up in a time where you worked or went hungry, where there were County workhouses for the poor, orphan asylums for kids whose parents couldn't afford to keep them (my mother among them),when I married it was because I had a job and savings not because there was a kid on the way. My children were working, as I was from an early age, not playing nintendo, school loans were nonexistant and I and all my kids WORKED our way through high school and college. My first home cost $5,300 with 0 down on the GI bill, (and it was my ONLY debt as I had no "credit cards"for the first 23 years of my adulthood) and I worked 2 jobs and did all the repairs myself AND did my post grad schooling.

Yes, life can be hard, but there is NO problem that is made better by borrowing $$ you can't repay, and NO benefit are of any real value if you don't try to help yourself and others whenever you can.

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