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Re: whychat, just a thought to disagree a bit :)

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Posted by catballou ( on April 28, 2004 at 00:13:59:

In Reply to: Re: whychat, just a thought to disagree a bit :) posted by Why Chat on April 27, 2004 at 23:58:31:

i totally agree there...we all also worked..heck, my granma didnt even have hot running water! oh, the days when one boiled dishes!!
oh yes, the last ,well, less than a year, i have learned so much on what i did wrong. can you tell i still feel guilty over my parents and granma? who never had credit cards...who paid cash for everything but a car and their house..(my great granma left their house to my great-uncle who was retarded! wow , there was a legal mess!..and at the end i couldnt even afford their meds. when my granma died..at 92..she had one box of possessions. none worth crap but memories...anyways...yes i know many who are like you say..my kids are one..thinkin they were raised in a palace..with everything they ever wanted. amazing --i have no idea where they got that. thanks for listening to me rant while ago...i do apologize ..if it sounded argumentative..i wasnt meanin to be..only...sigh* i still remember findin my mom not taking her heart meds..and me still being nobody by 51..cause i couldnt go to college, like i still want to, (paramedic is my dream)..cause, actually, wink** i am not that dumb..lol..(in some ways)..i try my best to help any way i can..at least by not giving wrong info..:)..you are so helpful and wise, mr/mrs whychat..i hope you know how appreciated you are..and in your wisdom you allow me to respectfully add a diff view sometimes..on things like this. would NEVER think on disagreeing with you on credit :)..did you all ever plant a garden and can it all, and kill your own chickens? man, that was work!

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