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Posted by catballou ( on April 28, 2004 at 15:07:16:

In Reply to: Re: Whats the prime reason for your financial catasrophe? posted by Andrea on April 28, 2004 at 09:48:36:

i will jump in!!! lol...when 9/11 happened and my kids lost their job...they couldnt even GET welfare. you have to know the system..and be in it for years. housing had a 2 year wait..people were giving us numbers to scam the sytem for food stamps..food banks sold the food..a 1$ a lb. i was appalled at how it works. i will tell you this...another terror attack and this country will fall. no one was prepared..no "gov" help and if we hadnt helped our kids..they would have lived in their car. in a country this rich??? but its true. refused medical care without "cash"! the gov here just stuttered and paniced and people are still digging out.
we have lost prolly..$50,000 in stocks. course we cant touch em yet so to me their not real.
big congratulations on how you handled your debts and life!!! you sound like a wonderful person.:)
the last thing i want to say..sad as it is..people can work all their lives and once you get old and if you get sick..its all gone. rest homes..illness..will simply take it. smarter to move it all to your kids.(if you trust them)..and let medicaid step in. i have home healthed many elderly. to watch every dime they saved simply vanish..and then go to medicaid is the saddest thing ever. they wanted that to go to their kids..medicaid can even take your home now..when the person dies and has a house. its so sad. health care is ridiculous. plan ahead!!! if not, you will lose all you worked for quickly.
money isnt the root of evil, but how its used certainly can be evil. you did the smart thing in your divorce..i see many stories on how the "ex" promises..and divorce is not recognized as a way to not owe debt. so the ex can ruin the other ex and they cant do a thing about it. never trust it..the creditors dont care what a divorce paper says. you will still be responsible.
last..let me win the lotto!! i will take all bad stuff that comes with it..and i have NO KIN!!!! laffing. "i know you??? he** no i dont" rofl...
hugsssss and thanks for sharing...you seem a very special person:)

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