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I'm so confused !!!!

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Posted by Jer ( on April 28, 2004 at 23:06:56:

I've had two CC accounts with Chase since '75. Recent financial setbacks made both accounts go into default.
One account was C/O in which the scumbags, Creditor's Interchange, has been trying to collect. Well, after they made their first attempt to collect, I called their bluff when they broke every one of the FDCPA laws. I also found that the CA was not licensed in the state of TN. Scared to death that they would sue and get a judment against my wife's wages and place a lien on my property, called Chase to see if they would settle the other account. They want $5,160 (35%) of the debt to settle.....PLUS issue me a 1099 so that I will be responsible for the taxes on the $9k that they charged off. Why should I have to pay taxes on money that they charged off as a business expense?

Since my wife is an authorized user on the account and my SS disabilty and medical retirement can't be garinsheed, I'm about to tell Chase to kiss off. I have an appointment with a lawyer next week to see if we can sue the CA for their crap.....What all can you sue a CA for under the law? Is emotional distress considered???

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