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ADMIN please edit this post....

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Posted by catballou ( on April 29, 2004 at 22:18:28:

In Reply to: Cambece Law firm - letter to Better Business Bureau - help!! posted by Jon on April 29, 2004 at 21:58:44:

others will be along to help you here. if you can tape their calls...do so for court. everything they did was illegal. make sure you have proof on any further things they try. do not pay them a dime! its all abuse and fear tactics. dont buy it..dont believe it..and ignore it. but PLEASE..do not post your real name or numbers on this site. please PLEASE never do that. you will get more weirdos than you have now, believe me.
try to tape the calls..pay fleet if you can and actually owe something..and should you want..start gathering things for one great lawsuit. they broke every law in the book. if they harass your parents..or friends..call the cops and make out a phone harassment charge. they can NOT call any 3rd party in regard to your debts. only to find a location for you, and they have that. these threats CAs do make me soooo angry. send copies of complaints to the BBB...the attorney general in your state..the FCC,.,,the phone company and anyone else the others will think of. hang em. and dont worry.. their fulla crap.. their tactics are fear and intimidating..once they see you know your rights and the law, they wont bother you. its all a bunch of illegal crap. dont lose any sleep..but be ready to fight them back in every way. good luck! but i want admin to edit out your info...never post your real personal information online..anywhere:)

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