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Re: Cambece Law firm - letter to Better Business Bureau - help!!

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Posted by Rlee ( on April 29, 2004 at 23:54:40:

In Reply to: Cambece Law firm - letter to Better Business Bureau - help!! posted by Jon on April 29, 2004 at 21:58:44:

I went through this several years ago, before I gained the knowlede and adaptive low morals to deal with the scum sucking, low life, liars. Though my anitiation was with another company I too was totally blown away by their tactics. Very similar to what you have experienced.
It is all a scam to lie and cheat you, they might as well shown up at your door with a gun, which I am sure they would if they could. Their weapon is the phone, and words. Once you get onto it you can can have some fun right back at them, or if you chose you can ignore them. Go to Radio Shak and pick up a cheap phone recorder. Next time they call tell the to wait one moment please so you can record the conversation, and can they speak clearly so as that you do not miss anything. Tell them you have no idea what they are talking about, that you cannot recall any such account. Ask them what political party are they affiliated with and what do they think of the candidates. See what they think of the war, the stock market. Tell them you are doing a survey of unsollicited phone callers to determine what cerial they like. It is all bull s***. Tell them to bring the law suit on, if they threaten. Saves you the cost of filing to collect on their FDCPA violations. If they say the Sheriff will be out, tell them fine, and when can you expect him, so you can have a copy of your recorded phone conversation ready to give to them, to substantiate your complaint against them.
According to what you have said they already have several FDCPA violations against them.
Knowledge is POWER.
Gain it, Use it, to squash these scum sucking low lifes, right back to pieces fo dirt they came from.


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