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Re: Cambece Law firm - letter to Better Business Bureau - help!!

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Posted by Keyser Soze ( on April 30, 2004 at 22:00:59:

In Reply to: Cambece Law firm - letter to Better Business Bureau - help!! posted by Jon on April 29, 2004 at 21:58:44:

The Maine forests are dangerous turf for perfumed parlor snakes the ilk of CA's and bankers. Fleet enema bank is playing cute, telling you there's no trouble if you pay them. Bullshale. Remember, Fleet, now part of BuncAmerica, is in Rhode Island, known as Rogue's Island, for reasons unfathomable.
Let them prove their claim. CA demanding money within thirty minutes is setting you up, only way you could do that is to reveal account number. Do so, and these larcenous thugs will drain your bank account. Sue you? Bullshale. Another illegal threat. Called a disabled relative? Another violation, not nice to call relatives or neighbors, according to federal regs, let FTC know. As well, defamatory to you, telling tales to others. CA criminals know those who default have no money. Doesn't matter to them.
As with sociopaths, right and wrong is irrelevant. So is your ability to pay. As they see it, if you pay them your medication or grocery money, suffering relapse of illness, or hunger, that's hunky dory. Hey, they gleaned money from you. That's what they do.
People wonder endlessly about what motivates rapists to rape, thieves to steal, murderers to kill. Prominent criminologists will tell you, with a chuckle, "It's what they do".
Muggers, pimps, thieves, swindlers, unlike collectors, are 'honest' crooks. They risk apprehension and death on daily basis in practice of their profession, whereas collectors hide behind toilets in bus station rest rooms, yelling at people secure in belief they can't be identified. Brave little maggots are they.
Abusing the disabled is favorite parlor trick of these cowards, isn't that right, Mr. Silcox?? Yes, you're old friend, Keyser, hasn't forgotten you, boy-o. When you 'earn friendship' with the undersigned, know that it's permanent, Mr. Silcox. Wouldn't you like to call and tell my relatives to 'kill themselves so' you 'can sue their estate for the life insurance money'? I digress.
You get my point, Jon. These are criminals. Dispatch them. Report abuse of your uncle to his physician straightaway. Illegal to cause regression of disabling conditions in pursuit of debt collection. Remember, Doctors' testimony still trumps that of sleazebag lawyers and that strain of thready, amber, gonococcal exudate known as 'collections professionals'.


Keyser Soze

"We'll forgive the debt if you kill yourself.
We'll sue for the life insurance money and
settle for that."
- 'Mr. Silcox', "Collections Professional",
as stated to family member hospitalized
for serious disabling conditions, on
several occasions. Mr. Silcox, Keyser's
special little 'friend for life'. Fine
stool specimen of 'collections professional'

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