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Re: Suit already Filed

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Posted by casey ( on May 01, 2004 at 02:53:48:

In Reply to: Re: Suit already Filed posted by Keyser Soze on April 30, 2004 at 22:42:38:

Keyser - I got the atty who gave me that advice but doing a goggle of Assets name. They had Asset/Providian and a ton of others on a list that they go after all the time for their fraudulent practice. I am going to do the 1st Motion and Answer Pro Se and see what happens. If they still try to come after me I'll use this atty who gave me the advice today. I'm assuming, just like in a criminal case, the burden of proof is on them. Since I don't have any papers from when I had the account I just pulled up another CR from a 2nd agency and found that Asset made a couple of inquires on my Report, in 2002 and 2003. It amazes me that they will go after people with such small amounts of debt and then I look at people like The Donald and wonder how he got out of his $900 million debt!!!!!

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