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W&A Arbitration... What Happens Next?

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Posted by DrlAudio ( on May 01, 2004 at 07:04:02:

Based on what I've heard from folks on this board, I'm in for a long haul with these W&A jerks, but I'm curious as to what to expect next, and when.

I had an MBNA account that got charged off. W&A bought, or was assigned the account, and they sent it to Arbitration (which apparently is their "normal scam". I replied with WhyChat's Arbitration Refusal" AND with the "Validation Request". From what I've heard and read, W&A will go ahead with the arbitration anyway, even though it violates several FDCPA rules. So, what happens next?

I assume I'll recieve a notice that an Arbitration Award has been ruled against me. Do I respond in some way? Do I ignore it? What to do I do with it?

When I refuse to pay it, I assume they'll sue me in a "real" court. How long will they normally take to do this? Will the court be my local area, or will it be in THEIR locale?

At that point, I need to find a reputable attorney, right? Give him or her my letters and mail return reciepts to show the FDCPA violations, and try to get what... the Arbitration Award vacated? Then what happens with the account?

I'm pretty sure this is all coming. And I'm WAY stressed out over it all. I'm just curious if there's anything else I should expect, and when this should all happen, and what to do when each thing happens.


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