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Posted by kelly from nevada ( on June 02, 2004 at 03:58:36:

In Reply to: HELP ON CREDITORS posted by Gone2theDogs on June 02, 2004 at 02:42:50:

sorry to hear about your bad health & all but in my opinion screw the creditors cause your health is by FAR the most important thing here .. im basically an amateur but kinda can relate to your situation becouse i was in a bad car accident in late 90's & yeah creditors can be unforgiving to say the least .. far as taking your car , personally i wouldnt worry about that becouse they ALMOST never go down that road & even if they did all they could do is go to court & place a lein on it so when you sold it ( on your terms & when YOUR ready ) they'd get a couple dollars out of the sale but trust me that would/nt happen on a car BUT a home well that would prolly be a different story .. the 1 card i had problems with was MBNA & in my opinion their slugs at best in meaning they'll hire collections or their thugs from maryland W & A to try & squeeze a few dimes outta ya if they can .. well again im not a pro but in my opinion id send them a limited cease & desist letter stating NO MORE PHONE CALLS PERIOD stating that they can ONLY contact you via mail , send them this certified mail return reciept requested costs like 5 bucks .. id just send the limited C & D meaning no more phone calls becouse even tho i dont think they'll bother ya with all their empty threats you wanna give them the option of at least writing you sending you their junk scrap mail to make those losers feel like their possibly gonna get bucks out of ya 1 day , hey give them hope lol .. far as not being able to file BK ive never heard of that so IF NEEDED you can file chapter 7 BK ***if*** needed but in my opinion if you dont own a home & no assets id only do that as a last resort but again only my opinion .. hey its late were out west so thought id give ya my opinion on the matter but im sure others will give you their takes tomorrow .. i live across the river from bullhead city az over in laughlin nv so were kinda neighbors , well good luck kel ...............

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