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Going to court tomorrow....still getting the calls!

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Posted by Kim ( on June 02, 2004 at 12:00:24:

It's amazing! Tomorrow I have to appear at a hearing at 10:00AM because I'm being sued by Capital One through the Stillman Law Office here in Michigan. The only time that I actually talked to them on the phone was when I received my summons to see what amount they were looking to receive and at that time I was told that they WOULD NOT take my offer so I said, "see ya in court". During the past week they have called 4 times. And they are calling about this account because when they leave a message they are leaving the reference number for this case. Now would their continuous calls be considered harrassment due to the fact that they informed me that they wouldn't settle and they are suing me? If this is the case then I plan on bringing this up in court. I would just like to know if it is breaking some sort of law before I bring it up so that I don't look stupid. I'm sure that I will look stupid anyway but I am bound and determine to stand my ground...whether I look stupid or not....and I WON'T BE BULLIED!

Please help if you can!


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