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Yes, Please Read.

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Posted by Don't Worry ( on June 04, 2004 at 01:49:53:

In Reply to: ANY SUGGESTIONS? posted by Gone2TheDogs on June 03, 2004 at 22:11:39:

Yes. My suggestion for you is this.

Keep a running log (with receipts) of everything you buy and where you put your money. Be responsible with your finances.

This way, if MBNA does turn your account over to collections (like the dreaded Wolpoff and Abramson) and you are not able to make payments and they sue, you have a record of what you have spent.

This looks really good to a judge and 9 times out of 10 they will see your side and be kind to you (yes, kindness does exist in all of this turmoil). If you walk in empty handed, there is nothing to show for how you spent your money and they aren't so kind.

These scums (Collections like W & A) would like to think you are the lowest of low and can't figure out a dime from a dollar. These are their psychological tactics to shame you into paying a bill you cannot pay.

But you, you know better. You are smart. You have come this far in life and unfortunately you have been dealt some hard blows which have set you back. But you can and will survive.

I did.

I had debts which I could not pay and ended up having 2 of my MBNA accounts turn over to Wolpoff and Abramson. When I called MBNA to set up a payment plan they told me it's too late it's turned over to an attorney and they can't talk to me. **Click** I got the name of the attorney and called. A paralegal told me I needed to pay $500 a month on my accounts. I told him that's impossible. I can't. He didn't buy that but he gave me a month to send in the check. A month came and went. No payment to W & A. Then the calls started.

I guess this was the straw that broke the camel's back.

I studied up on bankruptcy, sought the advice of an attorney and decided to file. I had 3 months to pay off his fee. Once it was paid he filed my petition. I had my meeting (341 meeting - commonly referred to as a meeting of the creditors...btw...no creditors showed up) 1 month ago and now am awaiting discharge for my chapter 7.

Was it easy? Hell no. For the longest time I fought the very THOUGHT of bankruptcy like you would not believe. But after I had an accident last summer and started to accrue medical bills, in addition to the flippin' payday loans I was taking out AND making payments to Consumer Credit Counseling Services I knew something had to give.

I started to go to Debtor's Anonymous to help me through this period in my life. They do not advocate BK by any means. In fact, if anything they are against it. BK was my choice.

Am I glad I filed? You betcha.

I am working on getting my money life in order. It ain't easy but by golly it's good not to be paying $420 a month to consumer credit counseling services (no, they didn't work) and $300 to frikin' payday advance places. I paid on CCCS for 2 years AND what a coincidence had the payday loans for the same amount of time.....and still ended up in Bk in the end) and short-changed myself. The payday loans KILLED me. STAY away from those damned things.

The 341 meeting was very hard, very humbling and very quick. Sure, BK will be on my record for 10 years. But, you know what? I am already having car dealers contact me for new loans (yeah, right, like I'm going down that road again - - DUH). So while BK isn't good, it is there for people who really need to take advantage of a way out. It's nothing to be ashamed of. You will be humbled....but you will get through it.

Anyhow, as they say in Debtor's Anonymous - take what you like and leave the rest. That's my 2 cents' worth.

Good luck to you.


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