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Re: Harrison Ross Byck and his goons

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Posted by Keyser Soze ( on June 05, 2004 at 09:58:59:

In Reply to: Harrison Ross Byck and his goons posted by Depressed in Alabama on June 05, 2004 at 01:22:25:

H.Ross Byck - rhymes with vulgar slang term for male anatomy - is a piece of human garbage, from what one reads. Do not pay these screaming, congealed, diahrrea masses one penny. Send them a Cease and Desist letter, link on this page, to stop calls. If they keep calling, good, a violation of FTC rules. Tape their calls, save every scrap of paper they send you. Start a file, build evidence, use your influence to turn the guns on them.
Fleet Enema Bank cares about its customers, as long as they have four or five million on deposit. You tried to settle, they refused.
Collectors are criminals, their weapon is the phone and phony threat letter. Never pay a collector anything. The money will not pay the OC. Instead, it will flow to terror cells overseas, drug cartels, or maybe just pay the Collection agency owner's crack and prostitute charges. No, this is not written for purposes of sensationalism or insult. That's what CA's are, thugs who steal with a pen and dunning letter.
If they sue, you can learn how to answer that on this board. You've many friends here who are sick and tired of predatory collectors and their stooge tactics. We will help you. Divorce is terrible enough, these penny-pimps don't need to be compounding your pain. Instead, we'll help you send the pain to them.


Keyser Soze

"I am the cops, Kenny."
- Det. Maxwell Hoover, LA PD 'Hat Squad'
c. 1997, "Mulholland Falls"

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