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Posted by CC Collector ( on September 13, 2002 at 23:35:27:

"It is true I did not visit the site this morning, I NEVER go to a new website from my office computer. However, now that I see it' s just a CNN website, (a real one, and not one of the many fake websites that are designed to look like a legitimate one) I apologize to cc collector for any offense."

Apology accepted. I know you to be very helpful on this website and was shocked when you jumped on me like that.

"HOWEVER!! This website is for people with serious credit problems and questions, and although being able to save on interest charges is of legitimate value to those who aren't being harrassed by scam ca's, getting ready to declare bk, being victimized by id theft or trying desperately to improve their credit, I do not think that cc collector's posts on visiting get rich quick forums, bragging about how well at age 19 he is managing his debts, how good a job he is doing in collecting from debtors for his collection agency,and various other similar posts are condusive to my changing my opinion that he should "grow up"."

I understand the seriousness of situations people have that visit this website. And in light of such seriousness I like to post about the lighter side of things. "Grow up" insults me because you obviously think I'm mature and naive. I think you're wrong. I haven't been through a bankruptcy or credit fraud or other serious problems, but that doesn't mean I can't understand the weight of those issues--it just means I can learn from others' mistakes.

"Especially since he didn't have much of an inkling how credit report scoring works -or much of anything else."

There is a large issue around credit scoring. The issue I am concerned with is the fact that some people said keeping revolving debt and paying your pays on time improves your score compared to having open accounts with zero balances.

According to myfico.com have zero balances is better than low balances because it improves your balance-to-limit ratio.

And I am still not clear on this... because when you think logically, I'm sure a creditor would like to see that a person uses a card often and is good revenue maker, while on the other hand no balance shows low risk.

You're a great person on this forum because you help people with serious problems, but don't insult me because most 19 year olds don't even know what revolving credit is or what FICO stands for.

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