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Re: Dumb question re: credit report and assets - Thanks !

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Posted by LadynRed ( on September 16, 2002 at 15:26:56:

In Reply to: Re: Dumb question re: credit report and assets posted by Why Chat on September 16, 2002 at 13:49:41:

Well.. then I guess they're not going to find out much about me.. LOL. I HAD property, it was foreclosed and sold at auction last December, I rent now. I do own a car, which would APPEAR to be paid for but I owe a family member half of what I paid for it. Its 8 years old anyway, not much of an asset at this point as far as value. I've never had any judgments against me, so that's out; never had my own businsess or any corporate positions. The ONLY job that will show up, at least now, is the one I was laid off from back in Feb, and since I'm NOT using or applying for any credit that would force me to give out employer details, they won't find my current employer (full-time a whole 2 weeks).

About the only thing that they *might* be able to connect to as an asset, besides my old car, is the 2 tables I mentioned in my first post (together not even $500 new), and possibly a TV I bought from Circuit City over a year ago.. and that was a gift to someone, its never really been MY asset.

Thanks for the info.. pretty scarey what can be 'dug up' on you in public records.

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