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What would you guys do ?

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Posted by edoggie ( on November 05, 2002 at 07:37:34:

Ok.... now that I'm a more educated consumer, I was thinking about having a little fun with this new collection agency who claims I owe them :

Dear Victim:

The account listed above has been placed with our agency for collection. Your account is seriously past due and must be paid in full or we will proceed with appropriate collection activity.

-> Uh... you started "appropriate collection activity" when you pulled my credit report two days ago and when you sent me this demand for payment notice <-

Please remit the entrie balance due to our office using the return envelope provided.

If you have any questions call us at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Notice this letter has NO mini-miranda ("This is an attempt to collect a debt") [strike one]; none of my rights are printed anywhere on the page as mandated by law ("You have 30 to dispute or the debt will be considered valid by this office")[strike two]. Moreover, they did a hard inquiry on my credit report two days ago [strike three] in which I fired off an investigation to them immediately 1) demanding proof that this account is really assigned to them (send me a copy of the collection contract) 2)that they are licensed/bonded in the state they are operating from 3) list the permissible purpose for the credit report inquiry. I have a feeling they will falter on most of these and not have proof.

What would you guys do next: a) validate with these scums and give them more times to screw up b) Wait for them not to repond to my request for explanation notice for pulling my credit report and sue thereafter, c) just put all these current violations/future violations in a folder and hold them as a weapon if things ever get ugly on this debt they are trying to collect on (countersuit).

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