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I really need HELP with this

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Posted by suzanne from ohio ( on November 08, 2002 at 19:39:00:

Hi everyone
This is my first time here, but I like what I am reading. I have debts from 1996 from California (SOL 4 yrs). I now live in Ohio (No SOL). I was contacted by phone by one of the companies, and they talked to me twice but they never sent me anything by mail, after that I avoided answering my phone and I even changed my phone number. My questions are 1) IF any of the creditors come after me again, which SOL applies to me, CA or OH?? because it makes a lot of difference. 2) Since I know that most of these accounts are charge offs now and the SOL of the state that this happened in has already expired, is ther any way that I can get these charges removed from my credit report? 3) Since it has been more than 6 yrs after last activity on these accounts is there any need to file for BK and start all new and fresh or just leave it as it is since the only thing that I have to worry about is less than $30,000 a year income? Please advice me!!!!!! Sorry for the length of the message.

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