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A Couple of Questions

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Posted by Anon ( on November 04, 2003 at 13:15:50:

My fiance has been out of a job since March. He was using one of those Debt Counseling Services to help clear up about $25K in debt accumulated in college. When he lost his job he called them and they said they would settle it. Well, of course they faxed him something to sign, he signed it and sent it back. When they said "settle it" he thought they would settle everything and he would be done he did not read the document he was signing (I know this is crazy, but what can I say?).

Of course, all his old creditors have been calling him non-stop - he has no job, no assets, not even a car - he sold it during the summer and lives at home with his parents. I loaned him some $ to open a bank account and he can not even do that.

All these debts are valid, and although they were down to about $7K before he lost his job, they keep adding all sorts of interest and charges and that amount has about tripled. So he is back where he started, but with a horrible credit rating. He is now looking at filing bankruptcy. Would anyone recommend another option?

Also, we are going to be getting married in 2004. If he files bankrupcty before we get married, will that negatively impact my credit score after we get married?

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