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Re: Did I mess up?

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Posted by Keyser Soze ( on April 29, 2004 at 23:04:06:

In Reply to: Did I mess up? posted by crazy in Alabama on April 29, 2004 at 22:43:17:

You are not considered 'expert' in the eyes of the law, thus allowance is made for imprecision of syntax. You're meaning is nonetheless clear, you want this pile of putrid parrot droppings to prove his claim. Validate, verify, villify, no matter. The collection lawyer is considered 'expert, no allowance is extended him for sloppy, fraudulent, duplicitous, extortionate conduct, typical of 'collections professionals.
Give him a couple more weeks, if you hear nothing you're probably out of the woods. If these protozoans 'validate', it will be by means of a computer print-out, one page poop sheet with a dollar amount, your name, some gibberish,undated, little else. Great, you've just been handed evidence of a violation, report it straightaway to the FTC.
You sent certified letter, you have proof of mailing. What,is this cretin going to lumber into court, his knuckles dragging sparks on the courtroom carpet, gassing off about how you didn't answer? He didn't validate. Violation one.
Violation two - he failed to cease collection activity after validation request. Write him up, he might owe you before this saga concludes.
Who's the in-lieu lawyer? Not Hugh Brett Shafritz, Palm Beach County Legend, by any chance? Naw, according to intell received on secure orderwire downstairs, in the crypto room, ol' H.B. left for weekend of R&R at "Schoolboys of Eros Club". Will check this unconfirmed report, get back to you.
Meanwhile, start complaint. Why wait? Make the enemy play catch-up. Undercut him. See, he threw first punch, he wants you to hit back when he's prepared. So, hit him now. Once off balance, these syphillitic sandfleas turn and run, scraping their tails like a dog with worms.


Keyser Soze

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