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FTC reply

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Posted by catballou ( on May 21, 2004 at 22:42:33:

annoying people. they sent their version of the Federal credit whatever is laws, adding their version of..repeatedly, "when i choose to withhold payment"..plus they say rude or angry behavior is acceptable as long as it isnt abusive. excuse me, rude or anger to a stranger IS abusive. if you think not, try it in your local wal mart sometime. walk up to a stranger, begin to yell angrily, call him a deadbeat. boy, i bet him and the cops find that abusive. but anyways, the FTC needs to wake up. badly. they think CAs can harass other people, as long as the nature of the call is not disclosed. let see, what else. basically, it defended the CAs, saying what we consider illegal may not be, and by "withholding" payment to a legal debt, we must face the consequences. ok, write off the FTC. i kept the attachment in my email.

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