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Re: help understanding SOL and credit report

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Posted by catballou ( on June 02, 2004 at 15:54:28:

In Reply to: help understanding SOL and credit report posted by Jack on June 02, 2004 at 15:17:37:

the only one of those i know, is past SOL doesnt mean squat on removing trade lines. it can and no doubt will stay the 7 years, unless you get lucky down the road and dispute and it isnt verified. it only means they cant sue you and win in court if you fight it, as its time for suing has run out. writing a CA is useless and pointless. they intend to hurt you any way possible because you havent paid. then once you pay they still hurt you with a paid charge off. you didnt pay a debt so their God now and will judge you accordingly as long as possible. paying a CO is your choice. installments usually dont work and if you get it in writing , then you have restarted the SOL. not smart.

frankly, once its COed , they really leave us no way to pay. paying hurts us worse, not paying gets one sued or harassed. firing squad or electric chair? your pick. you will have 7 years on the CRs regardless what you do. you cant be sued (or they cant win, rather) after your states SOL. course if they file you must fight it. paying with in writing will restart the SOL. like i said..you pick your poison. i have no clue what #2 is,....lol. welcome to our world.

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