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Update on Being Sued

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Posted by Libby ( on September 06, 2002 at 13:54:45:

I posted in July looking for advice about getting a settlement prior to going to court or at court. I did not receive good advice from the people on this board. I was told to 'get into the real world' and basically pay the full amount they were suing for without questioning it and also to let them garnish my wages.

The amount they were suing for was $1000 plus court and attorney's fees. I live in GA. I met with the lawyer at the court house and he settled for $400. It will show on my credit report as an account paid in full. I have this in writing. If I had listened to people on this forum I would be out $1200 or more.

This is a GREAT web site and forum, but the advice is not always correct.

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